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Distances for kids

Answered By Not an expert


I have a son that is 6 and loves to run. This past weekend he ran/walked a 5K with me, and average 12 minute miles which I though was really good. I usually run a 5 mile turkey trot on Thanksgiving and was thinking about letting him run/walk it with me. Is this too much for a 6 year old? Any guidelines that you can give would be helpful.


A little late on the answer for the Turkey Trot, but overall, the most important factor for a smaller child is allowing them to have fun. To participate with a parent in an event like that would be perceived as an Olympic chance by a 6-year old. As long as you allowed him to decide on the pace and kept up the encouragement, this could jump-start a lifelong enjoyment of running. Go ahead . . make it a positive experience, find another road race to 'train' for, and make this a cheap and fun opportunity to teach goal setting, dealing with adversity, challenges, and satisfaction for a job well done. Just remember . . .you will have to take him out to dinner after to celebrate! Train hard . . . have fun . . . Arb