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Pain and Racing

Answered By Michael Bergmann


I am in xc for my school , Rehoboth,NM I have noticed when i run always ALWAYS my shoulders is always hurting i ice it and take tylenol and i dont know what to do.I was wondering if you have any suggestions. Also when i run during practice i am a good but when i get into a meet or a race i never run good as in practice. What should i do? Thanx


XC ashley, This sounds like when you train you are pretty relaxed and feel like you are training to your ability. When you enter races you might be tensing up (it is very common) and it could adversly affect your performance. It is really common to have your neck/shoulders be the first thing to tense up in a race. Try relaxing your neck and shoulders both during practice and go through a relaxation checklist right before you start a race. You will always run faster if you run relaxed and let your training take over. Many of the athletes I coach that get nervous and tense up during competition..I tell them to smile or think of something funny if they feel like they are tightening up and that they will get more oxygen in their system if they smile. rather than scowl or frown. Try it and let us know how it works!

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