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I want to become a Coach

Answered By Jeff Arbogast


I am a student/athlete in college and want to become a cross country and track coach when I graduate. I was curious about the kind of certifications I would need to receive a coaching job at a public school system.


GREAT question! 37 states now recognize the standards set by the National Federation of State High Schools (www.nfhs.org). Their training is constantly revamped and covers Coaching Principles along with the basic First Aid/CPR certifications. I believe it is available on-line as well as personally taught in most areas. Other routes, such as being a PE major from most institutions, also qualifies you, but every state has individual requirements, it's just that the NFHS standard covers most of them. Good luck . . . and start putting together a file for your workout ideas! Train hard . . . have fun . . . Arb