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XC mileage for 18 year old male...

Answered By Not an expert


I am currently a decent standard (top 30 in the UK for my age group) 18 year old athlete. I have been running since I was 10 years old and am currently pushing towards 50 miles a week training. However last year, I got through roughly 30-35 miles a week and regularly ran tremendously well off that. My question is: what mileage should I be doing and how should I be running those miles to get the best out of my XC season this year? Also, what are the best pre-race meals?


On Pre-race, the first and foremost rule is to NEVER vary what you have done or are used to before a race! The night before, stick with what fuels you well, and avoid any trendy or 'different' foods. This will particularly apply to trip situations where you may not be able to get home cooking. Complex carbs are the best here, with covering the food pyramid throughout the week leading up to the race. Vary your diet among the things you like and know. As you get up on race morning, stay with complex carbs that deliver sustained blood glucose and don't cause the radical swings in your blood sugar that simple carbs do. Toast, honey, bagels, bananas, energy bars, all provide sustained energy right before a race. Don't fill up . . . remember "A hungry dog fights harder!" Just keep yourself lightly and constantly fueled by snacking. Train hard . . .have fun . . Arb

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