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13 year old cross country traning

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


Could you provide a training program for a 13 year old female cross country runner? She has been running in the Chilten cross country and the Oxford Mail cross country this year she has an injury which she has recovered from very well. so we don't need to worry about that she has been training only 7 times this season so we would like her to me doing a mil3age of 10-12 miles a week. Elissa joined her running club -ocac- at the age of 7 she started competitive running 3 years ago.


My rules--remember this 1. Have Fun 2. Stay Healthy Depending on her motivation, i'd have her running 4-6 times per week, starting at about 1-2 miles per day, depending on her fitness level. every week, increase the weekly mileage by 1 or 2 miles only. 1 day can be longer than the others once she gets going. 1 day i'd do 6 x 200 at 2 mile race pace with 2 minute rest--gradually getting faster over the course of the entire year If she's in shape and the training isn't too hard, she should be able to handle 20 miles per week easily