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Only coaching track

By Jeff Arbogast


Coach Arb, I've read your clinic notes from the itccc convention and am very impressed. I am also familiar with all your tremendous success coaching at the highschool level. Here's my situation and subsequent question... I will finally start coaching track next spring and need some advice. The coach for CC puts the kids through virtually no speedwork and will not let them progress in strength (distance) unles they run x amount of consecutive days which is difficult for the athletes that compete in multiple sports. (ex: the best jr. high female athletes just started slow intervals a week or so before the end of Jr. high track season). The coaches intentions are good, because she wants commitment out of the kids and wants to prevent injury, so I'm not running her down. The kids just show very little progression in performance throughout the season. What is the best way to start out the spring with kids that have such a small base and when is it best to start building their speed and speed/endurance?

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