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Middle school running

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


I am looking for your viewpoint regarding how much is too much for a 13 year old female runner. some coaches seem to think that if she is a gifted runner and has a good aerobic base she should be able to run the mile and 2 mile and an 880 in all meets, with meets averaging 2 times per week. I feel that one race a meet is enough and that these should range from the 200 to the 2 mile. I am referring to a very gifted runner here. I do not want her to become burnt out or destroyed before she reaches high school and i do not want her to be a product of an egotistical coach. Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Also how much mileage per week is enough for this age. To give you a better idea, the female I am referring to runs an 11:00 3000, and an 2:23 800m. Thank you for any help or guidance you may give me. Shar


"some coaches" are completely wrong. i'd like to get in touch with you somehow

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