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Training Schedule

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I am new coaching at a middle school/jr high level of students at a small rural school. My questions is since we are a small school, if I have student athletes who may compete in 4 running events that include,for example: 100m, 4X200, 4X100, 4X400 (how do I prepare them for each of their running events whether a relay team or individual? I really need help with writing up weekly/daily training schedules without risking burn out or injuries. Thank you so much for helping me on this. Our schedule is soon to begin. Coach Idaho


Events: 100-200-400-Relays Week #2 / Micro cycle #2 / General Preparation Phase Intensity Level: Medium   Monday 2-27-06                              Warm Up: 2 Laps Jog On Turf + General Dynamic Drills + Stretching. Sprint Specific Drills + Acceleration Strides. Running Workout: (5-4-3-2-1) Breakdown. Cool Down + Stretching. Tuesday 2-28-06                              Warm Up: Jog 2 Laps On Turf + General Dynamic Drills + Stretching. Core Strength Exercises + Hurdle Drills. Plyometric Exercises: Knee Tuck Jumps (5x Single Response, 5x Multiple Response) Butt Kick Jumps (5x Single Response, 5x Multiple Response) Single Leg Hops (2x20yds Right Leg, 2x20yds Left Leg) + Circuit Training. Wednesday 3-01-06                              Warm Up: 2 Laps Jog On Turf + General Dynamic Drills + Stretching. Sprint Specific Drills + Accelerations. Running Workout: (3x30, 1x50 Assimilated Block Starts) (3x50, 1x30 Standing Start) (1x20-30-40 Flying Start) @ 50% - 75% - 100% Effort. Continuous Relay On Turf + Stretching. Thursday 3-02-06                              Warm Up: Same As Tuesday.  + Core Strength Exercises + Hurdle Drills + Easy Plyos. Fartlek On Turf + Stretching.   Friday 3-03-06                              Warm Up: Same As Monday / Wednesday + Hill Training Going From Short Sprint Repetitions To Longer Reps. Saturday 3-04-06                              Quarter Milers With CoachChurch And The Distance Runners. 20-30 Minute Run + Stretching For Others.   Sunday 3-05-06            REST / RELAXATION / STRETCHING.Coach George Walcott

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