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Long Jump/Triple Jump

Answered By larson desiree


I would like to know if there are actually people that teach long jump and triple jump other than the team coaches. I am looking for someone to help my child. I'm not even sure where to start looking. Any suggestions that you could give would be great.


Your best bet is still going to be a coach, especially for the triple jump since the event is so technical. There may be some former long or triple jumpers in your area that can help get you started. See if your local area runs a track program like the Junior Olympics or the Hershey Track and Field Program. Sometimes YMCA's have track programs. Contact the high school head coach and see who works with their jumpers; coaches are really good about giving some time and advice to younger kids that are interested in track and field. Good Luck, I know there is someone in your area that can help you! Desire'e