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Stride Length Versus Turnover Speed

Answered By Not an expert


My 16 y/o daughter is running track for her first time this year. Her coach has her running short distance races for now and she is trying to increase her speed. As she is 5'4" she has a short stride. The Coach tells her to lengthen her stride, but that seems to make her turn over rate slower. Without seeing her run is there any recommendations you can make?


This actually is the 10 million dollar question because of Usain Bolt, being six feet five and being a sprinter. Stride length and stride frequency are both important to increase speed. The way to work on both is to run downhill. Find a hill in your area (grass) that is not too steep. If the hill is too steep you may have to start half way down the hill. Sprint down the hill for about 60-100 meters. You will have forward lean because of the hill. Try to stay in control even though it will feel like you are getting out of control. You want to have good arm action; wrists crossing your hips. Walk back up to the start point as your recovery. Do this 5-8 times. I like to do this with out sprinters at least once a week. It is an easy way to do what we call overspeed.

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