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Weightlifting for speed

Answered By Larson Rett


What are some good weight lifting tips to get athletes more powerful for running fast?


Tip #1: Remember that you’re lifting to enhance running movements. If an exercise isn’t making you faster, jump higher or run longer – scrap it. The muscle-bound powerlifters throwing plates around your local gym are lifting for their sport, not yours. This should make you re-think your next set of bicep curls. Tip #2: Most sport movement is off of a single leg, and not surprisingly, so are most injuries. When was the last time you had a teammate who pulled both hamstrings at the same time, or sprained both ankles? For this reason, you need to make sure you’re including exercises that are single-leg. Inflexibility doesn’t cause as much injury as imbalance does, so we need to make sure both legs are equally powerful. Tip #3: Part of creating a balanced, injury-resistant body is making sure you strengthen what you can’t see. Fraternity boys like to make the muscles they see in the mirror stronger – their pecs, biceps, and abs. Athletes need to be more concerned with those they can’t. Your “posterior-chain,” or the muscles of your hamstrings, glutes and back, is what makes you powerful and keeps you on the court. Being able to push as much weight as you pull is a good indicator of a strong, balanced shoulder. You should do pull-ups and rows as often as you do bench press and dips - and with just as much resistance.

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