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track shoes for 10 year old girls

Answered By Not an expert


My granddaughter just started to run track and I want to know if it is safe for her to wear track shoes with needle spikes? She is ten years old. Thank you, Nancy


We usually do not recommend the purchase of spikes prior to middle school involvement as the mechanical forces of sprinting in younger children just do not justify the expense. Spikes are useful to get the acceleration forces applied to the track surface . . . and a 10-year old girl doesn't normally produce the required acceleration to need spikes to guarantee optimum quickness. Spikes WILL however help her to get up on her toes (actually the ball of the foot) and in sprint form. They promote some degree of dorsiflexion (toe up footplant) and the lightness produces a perceptible increase in footspeed. So, there are positives and negatives to youth athletes using spikes. Since she already has them, make sure she just uses them in important time trials or racing. The majority of her volume should be done in protective shoes . . . middle distance or distance shoes that will minimize impact transmitted through footplant. Use spikes for extreme speed only.Answer by:  Coach Jeff Arbogast from Bingham High SchoolCheck his website Buy Coach Arb's Cross Country VideosBuy 1 or all 31. XC Forms and Tactics2. Championship XC Concepts3. XC Training:  Weights, Core & Peripheral Concepts