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Puke after every race

Answered By Larson Rett


I run distance and do pretty good but I puke after every race. My buddies watch and laugh...it even showed up on Facebook. Any ideas on how to help me stop the puke?


The good news is that it sounds like you have one heck of a good work capacity and tolerance for pain because not many athletes are able to exert themselves to the point of vomit. The bad news is that it's just not good for you (although it might be good at driving traffic to your Facebook site). Vomit when exercising can be caused by any number of things, your diet, oxygen debt, nerves, or just plain over-exertion. If you're only puking during races I'd suspect it has something to do with nerves or pre-race diet. I'd talk to your doctor and figure out what's up before you wear away your tooth enamel.