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I'm a new coach

Answered By Not an expert


I have just recently been hired to coach cross country for the middle school where I teach. I am having a hard time deciding what kind of activities (curriculum if you will) to follow for my kids. I work in a low-income school where attendance is hit or miss. I really want to improve student participation by providing the most positive experience possible. We do not have access to trails, most of our running will be taking place on either the field, a track, or the streets. Most of my kids do not have experience with sustained running. Thus, I need to get them in shape and have fun while doing. We have two weeks before our first meet, then four weeks and the season is over. Do you have any ideas for how I can utilize these resource to make practice fun and motivational for my kids and help them become lifelong runners?? I appreciate all advice and feedback. Thank you!


Have Fun Stay Healthy It might be a good idea to just let the kids jog around the field for 5 minutes and see how they do. You can do some short sprints (50-70m) on the track, do some push-ups and crunches then jog around the field again. If you can have fun, keep the kids busy and keep them coming back every day, they will make progress and you can gradually do more. Getting in shape is a long term process. You want as many kids as possible to love the feeling of being in shape and running with their friends.

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