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Too much?

Answered By Not an expert


I have been running for 20 years off and on. Am VERY slow - 10-11 minute miles are fast for me. My son is 9 years old and extremely active and fit. He's played soccer and lacrosse for a number of years. He started running with me about a month ago. We started out with 1-2 miles and are now up to 4-5 miles. If we stop it's because of ME! I actually have to ask him to slow down on numerous occassions during a run. My son finishes EVERY run by sprinting the last 400-800 yards. We only average roughly 15-20 miles a week. (We run usually every other day.) He's never complained about cramps or shin splint issues and if he EVER asked to stop I would stop. My friends think I'm pushing him. They continue to express concern that he's too young to be running those distances. He did mention today for the first time after a run that his lower back was sore. Am I putting my son at risk for hurting himself? Are there guidelines for mileage based on age? I'd really appreciate your expert recommendation and thoughts. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Laurie from So.Po. Maine


Have Fun Stay Healthy Coach by observation. I don't think I'd have a 9 year old running more than 20 miles per week. You want him running in 20 yours like you have done. Aches and pains are normal and common in growing kids. Direct those questions to his doctor.

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