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Growth Plate Concerns

Answered By Not an expert


I have a 7 yr old boy, and 9 yr old girl. They are both active in ice sports, soccer, swimming, and compete in kids of steel. What running distances are appropriate for them to train/race at for this age? Should I have concerns for growth plates with the sort of training required to run a 5 km race? I look forward to your responses!! Thank you.


You always want to keep a close eye on growing kids. They shouldn't be "training" to run a 5k race at ages 7 and 9. They should Have Fun Stay Healthy If they are active, they can probably complete a 5k, but I would not recommend training for it at this age. You want them to love running and being active and gradually develop their training so they are still in the sport 10-20-30 years from now. Pay attention to aches and pains and direct those issues to their doctor. There is no reason most kids can't be active and stay healthy. Just proceed with care-you have one chance to get it right with your kids.

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