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High Jump training

Answered By larson desiree


I am a 15 yr old boy that has never had a coach and jumps 1.70 metres without using my arms (Currently correcting this) I would like to progress further and I am very committed. At the moment all I do is a few plyometrics for my legs and then jump, But should i be doing weights and things like that? If so what ones


At 15 I would be doing things that use your own body weight. Many boys still have open growth plates and I would worry about injury. Plyometrics with your own body weight are great and explosive. For example 5 x 5 hurdles on the grass. Put the hurdles at the girls high school height and with two feet, quick off of the ground, using your arms vigorously. Walk back do it again until you have gone through 5 times 5 hurdles. Full Recovery and then repeat. Another good workout is to get up on the top of the high jump pit with training flats on, and run in place with high knees x 30, hop on one leg (bringing your leg up to your chest, not your chest down to your leg x 30, other leg, then with 2 feet. You will be exhausted. Doing these in the pit makes it a little easier on your joints, back and shins. Rememer that plyos need to be done early in the week (it takes 4 days to fully recover) and never before a jump day or competition.......your legs will be dead. If you have access to a pool, plyos in the pool in great...non weight bearing. Skips, two footed jumps, one footed jumps, etc.......Good luck

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