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Foot strike during run

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


I coach a few 13 yr. old Jr. High girls who run, well I guess it would be called, flat footed. Almost every step is a "slap" on the ground. How would one teach a proper foot strike to the ground?


There are lots of good drills and this is an important question. Here are three things you can begin with 1. Lots of skipping. Skipping is very good for foot mechanics as well as posture. Nice and relaxed skipping every day. There are many drills for foot and stride mechanics that you can find online. 2. Practice increasing stride rate. Try to get strides per minute up to 180+. (90 per foot) 3. Occasionally practice short, all out sprints of about 40 meters. Use a 20m acceleration, 40m sprint and 20m decelleration. Do it about 6-8 times or until the times get slower. If they are working on distance running to get stronger and doing these things to improve turnover and efficiency, their stride will gradually improve. Have Fun Stay Healthy