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Full potential

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


I'm a 15yr old all around runner but I mainly sprint and every after every race I don't feel as if i ran to my full potential and that I could always run faster but I don't know how. Any help on reaching my full potential Also I could never beat 1:03:5 for a 400 or 12.3 for a 100.


The simple answer is you have to try harder. Theoretically, you should use 100% of your energy in races, so you should be pretty tired over the second half of your race. the more complicated answer is, it sounds like you need to gradually build your mileage to get stronger and improve your confidence to race harder. For some speed development, you could try 6-8 x 40m sprints once a week (with a running start). The 100 is a more technical event, so you should work with a sprint coach to devlop your strength and your technical skills.

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