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Running the mile

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


Ok im a sophomore and we do not have indoor track at my school and this season im aiming towards 4:30-4:50 but i dont know what i should be doing during the winter time? so could someone please help me? and tell me good workouts and what i should be doing i would really appreciate the help thanks


You should enjoy your training and run every day. For turnover/speed, I'd suggest 6 x 200 once a week at your mile goal pace and work down to 800 pace during spring track. For high aerobic work, you can do some type of tempo run once a week to get in faster running, but still aerobic. For example, if your HR is 150 on normal runs, maybe get your HR up to 175 and learn that pace. Over time, you will get stronger. 1. Have Fun 2. Stay Healthy