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400 meters training

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


Greetings. Thanks for an opportunity like that to ask professional coaches. First of all , I am not a professional runner. (You will understand when i say my timings.) I have a Military Academy exam and I have 4 months to study-work. The exam is a 400 meters run. It is not a race. It is a points by timing event. My current situation is terrible (75-80 seconds). I am willing to have a degree like 60-70 seconds. I am asking for any tips or workouts to do on this 4 months. Here is something i got for plan ; LSD + Billat 30-30 for aerobic capacity 4 months. Sprinting (100m 300m) for anaerobic capacity for 2 months. any tips?


It would have been useful to have more information on your age, gender and experience. Building your aerobic distance base is important. I'd suggest doing some 40m sprints to develop your basic speed and turnover. You can see it described in another recent question. This will help you have a more complete program of aerobic base, 400m pacing and short speed.