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Ten year old runs the 100 and the 800 + xc

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


Hi. My ten year old son is tall for his age (about 5 foot 3 and 105 pounds with size 9 shoes) and is running the 100 in 13.2 and 200 in 27. He has good endurance and competes in the 800 and cross country as well. Lately he says he feels slower in the sprints and this worries him. I suspect he is just growing and perhaps his size is affecting his speed. How does a parent best guide their child through this transition. I worry because he shows signs of wanting to "stay light"--and obsessional concerns with food. Thanks, Jill


Those times are great. Definitely continue to develop speed. One example is 6 x 40m once a week. A good workout for future development is 6 x 200-for rhythm, not speed. Mile pace in the winter and 800m pace in the summer. Endurance training should gradually be developed and his primary event might be longer as he gets older. That is normal. This important thing for kids is gradual improvement. Teach him that an athlete is like a high performance race car and needs a strong engine and a full tank of good fuel. This is an important lesson. Rule 1 Have Fun, Rule 2 Stay Healthy

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