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Running a faster 400m and 800 m

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


Can you please give me some training tips on improving my 10 year old daughters 400m and 800m times. she runs the 400m in 1:06.52 and the 800m in 2:41.35


Those times are really good. Make sure she has fun, so she can see gradual improvement over the tong term. For basic speed improvement, you can do short sprints, like 6 x 40m, with a 20m accel and 20m decel zone (20m - 40m sprint - 20m). For pacing, you can do something like 6 x 200m at 800m goal pace. For strength, gradually increase mileage, over time. Nice, relaxed running-not fast. The important thing is to think long term development. Too many people fall into the trap of maximizing immediate performance and the child ends up hating the sport and quitting.

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