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Off Season Runnng Workouts

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


My son runs the 1500 meters (5:01) and 800 meters (2:24) and is 10 years old. I am looking for some youth workouts for the off season that are fun and engaging. Do you have any suggestions?


Those are amazing times for a 10 year old. I only recommend aerobic training at that age. I'd suggest staying active in other sports. For running 1) Running with friends 2) Weekly 6 x 200m with 200m rest. Fall xc pace, winter mile pace, summer 800 pace 3) Weekly 6 x 40 or 50 flying start This plan works on endurance, rhythm and speed. Rule 1 Have Fun, Rule 2 Stay Healthy. The success of a program is how your kids progress long term.

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