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Splayed legs

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


I am 15 years old and run the 800 and 1500m. I run 800 in 2:16 and 1500 in 4:37 Recently everyone tells me i have splayed legs and my knees really do hit each other. I video recorded my legs and they have a large circular movement. Could you please tell me what i can do to try and correct my form. I feel like it is really slowing me down and I want to compete against other girls my age in Japan championships. Thank you


To gain some strength and work on form, I'd say you should do lunges, squats and skipping. For some drills, go to youtube and find A and B skips. Keep increasing your mileage gradually and do a weekly set of 6 x 200m (fall-xc pace, winter-mile pace, summer-800 pace) and a weekly set of 6 x 50m.