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what should i do to become a good distance runner fast, and stay motivated all year round?

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


hi, my name is bailey and im 14 years old. i have a deep passion for track, but i've only ran for two years and im trying out cross country for the first time this fall season to build up my enderance. the longest race i've ever ran in track was the 200m dash. but my main event was always hurdles. i'm a little nervous going into high school track because coaches want to get me into 800m races. how much runnning should i get in over the period of a week, and what are some reasonable goals i should set for myself? thanks!(:


Whatever you are doing now, just add no more than 10% per week. Every couple months, take an easy week. Don't overdo it, because you will get hurt. Reasonable goals are set a baseline beginning time, then try for SMALL improvements. Gradual improvement is all you need to be successful.