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Any tips that would help me jump higher?

Answered By larson desiree


I've been doing the high jump since middle school. Our team this year doesn't have a coach who just does the jumps. Any tips that would help me jump higher this season?


If there were two things that I could correct in most high jumpers (really at any level) I would say: #1) in regards to your approach your speed has to be slow to fast. Actually in any event in track and field we go slow to fast. Slow in the back, fast in the front. Whether you are a thrower or jumper or vaulter. In the high jump you need to be able to convert your horizontal speed to vertical speed at the plant. Most kids start off way too fast, and because the approach is a curved approach (a J approach) they have to slow down to negotiate the curve, thus killing their slow to fast approach and vertical speed. Like a basketball player doing a lay up or a dunk, they speed up at the end of their approach too. The same with the high jump, slow at the start of the approach, building speed into their plant. #2)The second thing I would want kinds to learn in the high jump is to have knee drive on their drive leg (the leg closest to the bar) at least bar height. The knee drive is what elevates your hips over the bar. We do a drill called step- overs from a short approach (maybe 5 to 7 steps) where we have them go slow to fast (see above) then step over the bar or scissor over the bar with a bent leg (sort of like a hurdler) but really driving the knee up into the chest, and landing on their feet in the pit. These two drills/corrections will make the most amount of difference in a high jumper of any age or level. Desire'e Larson NDSU

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