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How to stay calm when people pass me

Answered By Drew Wasmund


I get really angry when people pass me in the middle of the race, how can I stay calm?


Running has always been a sport that is about self competition. What I mean by this is that endurance sports are internal battles. If you get beat by 4 minutes in a race, but you ran faster than you ever have before - it was a great day! You need to remember, especially in distance races, that normally the race is long. You need to have your own strategy coming into the race and stay within yourself. Most young kids start off sprinting - even in distance races. Run hard but run smart. If you start off by sprinting in a distance race you are setting yourself up for disaster. The idea is to run even splits, so remember when someone goes flying by you in the middle of a race chances are if you run smart you'll see them later on!