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My daugher is close to getting diabetes

Answered By Random Question Central


How do I get my teenage daughter to be active? She have been told that she could get diabetes if she doesn't lose weight, and get some physical activities.


Tough question! If the facts of facing diabetes in itself isn't working maybe you can find a fun group of other kids in the same situation that is non threatening that will get the ball rolling. It's difficult being overweight as a kid with a lot of peer pressure going on. Another thought is to help her by setting some goals with rewards at milestones along the way. There is nothing like reaching a goal and getting success along the way. You could also try going on some trail walks or hikes with her as a family, have her invite a friend and make an outing rather than label it a weight loss activity. When we see progress in ourselves it motivates us to get going on our own. My guess is that will happen for your daughter. Good Luck!