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My 12 year old daughter's 5k down to 22.24

Answered By Random Question Central


My daughter is a runner and has her 5k time down to 22.24 min she is 12, and set her goal on going to the Olympics. what would you suggest, training wise? where would we start? She attends 5ks all the time and runs daily


Honestly - I would just make sure that running continues to be fun for your daughter. That's a great time for a 12 year old! Goals and aspirations are great but it's important to remember the journey, the process of getting better individually as a runner and not comparing ourselves to others. I would suggest making sure that she isn't forcing anything. When she wants to go out for a run, great. When she doesn't, no big deal. Maybe incorporate some other physical type games (soccer, basketball). Your daughter looks to have a bright future in the sport, and as funny as it sounds, sometimes it's best to take a step back and just have fun with the sport. Now as far as actual training goes, I'd suggest that your daughter gets lined up with a local USATF Club. That way she can get a certified coach and have plenty of other kids to run with. Running alone is great, but being on a team is awesome!

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