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How often do you run on the track vs. other surfaces.

Answered By Drew Wasmund


How often do you run workouts on the track vs on other surfaces?


Generally we do two workouts a week and maybe one of them will be on the track. It depends on what the purpose of the workout is. Some workouts I use to gauge fitness; such as mile repeats. We almost always run mile repeats on the track. The other benefit of keeping runners on a track is that it's easier to control things. Early on in season my runners tend to want to run too hard. If we are off the track there are a lot more variables that come into play. On a track it is a lot easier to say, 'I want running these at 10k pace'. Then every 200 meters I know exactly where they should be. We do a lot of shorter workouts on grass. We have a 200/300 and 400 loop that is combined trail and grass. We'll run this especially when the weather is bad too, and I don't want them to be comparing their times to the previous week when it was 20 degrees warmer and what not. Any fartlek or tempo work is done on soft surfaces - naturally.

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