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Answered By Not an expert


ok i was wondering, a good pace for my mile my miles are usually around 6 minutes, and i am not sure what a good pace is for it or a goal that would be good for my mile


The mile is a great race to learn how to pace. If you can put together evenly split laps (even though the middle ones seem harder) then you have the ability to continue to drop your time each race. For example, if your goal is 6:00- a pace of 1:30 per 400 meters is a good one. It is normal for people to slow down the 3rd lap and if you hold it on an even pace you have the opportunity to improve each time. Try to run 1:30's in one race. 1:28's in the next race and stay on even pace. You will find sooner than later that your times will improve. Answer by Coach Michael Bergmann who coaches the CYOTC Oregon and is an Assistant Coach at Central Catholic High School in Portland, Oregon. CCHS qualified for theNike Team Nationals XC Competition with team member Kenny Klotz winning the boy's race, he was also a Footlocker finalist. Bergmann coached Kenny for several years starting with the CYOTC. Other notable athletes coached include Taylor Morgan, National Steeplechase Champion.