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Mick Grant & John Molvar


Mick Grant and John Molvar have been contributing coaches and writers over the last several years for Youth Runner Magazine and answering lots of questions here at Ask a Coach.


Mick Grant has been coaching youth athletes for over 30 years with astonishing success. Parents of many ordinary local kids have requested him to coach their children to become better runners. The results he has gotten are nothing short of remarkable including National Champions six consecutive years. Several of his runners have gone on to become State and National high school champions including Russell Brown, who went on to run a 3:51 mile and Chantelle Dron, who ran a 4:22 1500 meter run at age 15. Mick Grant and John Molvar have published a fantastic book that is available on Amazon.com called the "Youth and Teen Running Encylopedia"...if you're a coach, parent, or an athlete that wants to get better you've got to check it out. You can dowload for just $4.99. We've found many coaching books and manuals to be confusing, especially for the first time coach or parent of a new runner. Mick and John know how to break it down so it's easy to understand. Follow Mick on Twitter @FunFirstCoach.

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Answered by the Coach

Ask A Coach:

Hello our du...

04/25/14 More

Why is my 14 year old ...

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Ask A Coach:

We are inter...

05/11/13 More

We are interested in t...

I think the best thing is to find a respected local running club and let her run with other kids. You want a club with a proven record of LONG TERM DEVELOPMENT (as opposed to racing all the time)....

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Ask A Coach:

Coach, I'm i...

05/06/13 More

Coach, I'm in the 6th ...

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Ask A Coach:

What is the ...

03/26/12 More

What is the 1200m?

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Ask A Coach:

I just finis...

11/21/11 More

How to get my 800,1500...

I'd say continue to gradually increase your mileage. Endurance is the key to success in distance running. I prefer to have kids get to 2:15 in the 800 before moving up to the mile. This way, you...

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Ask A Coach:

My 12yr old ...

09/04/11 More

Son Reluctant to Compete

Definitely don't make him race. If he loves to run and practice, let him do that, since training is much more important to long term development than racing is. When he's ready to race, you will ...

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Ask A Coach:

Dear Sir, ...

08/24/11 More

1200 m Training

Age 8 is very young, so the primary focus is make sure everything is fun so she wants to go back and run again. Don't do too much. Keep the focus on fun, not racing.

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Ask A Coach:

I am 15 year...

08/23/11 More

Splayed legs

To gain some strength and work on form, I'd say you should do lunges, squats and skipping. For some drills, go to youtube and find A and B skips. Keep increasing your mileage gradually and do a w...

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Ask A Coach:

Should you r...

08/21/11 More


It depends on a number of factors, but most high school kids only need to run once a day. Find me on twitter @FunFirstCoach

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Ask A Coach:

My son runs ...

08/14/11 More

Off Season Runnng Work...

Those are amazing times for a 10 year old. I only recommend aerobic training at that age. I'd suggest staying active in other sports. For running 1) Running with friends 2) Weekly 6 x 200m with 2...

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