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Team VA - LoJo Vault Assault

About the team.

LoJo's Team VA is an athletic and track and field development concept produced by one of the world's premier pole vaulters Lawrence "LoJo" Johnson. We are very happy to announce that LoJo's Team Vault Assault is now an exclusive elite track and field team consisting of athletes challenging themselves to excel beyond their peers in their respective age ranks. Team VA Members will receive upgraded access to Vault Assault Online, an online virtual development resource with over 5 years in development and design. Team VA also provides athletic training and provides speed development for sprinters, football, and other sports. "A dedicated athlete will always have his determination focused on the next bar, the next record, the next challenge. Team VA is our team that trains to compete better and more consistently, while challenging records in our age groups, schools, states, colleges, US and the World." – LoJo Team VA training base is located in Tidewater Area in VA, however anyone can join to become a better trained vaulter and athlete with guidance by Team VA in coordination with the athlete’s regular coach. Team VA is a registered USATF Competing Club. Our athletes compete in a number of events in track and field, not just the pole vault. ​ Additional information can be found on our website.


Norfolk, VA

Contact info.

Phone: 757-918-9933

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